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Should I Repair Or Replace My Faulty Phone?

Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Phone?

Apple’s iPhone is getting better and bigger with time. Samsung flagship phones are becoming sleek and power-packed also. Only because, New tech boosted and power-packed phones are coming every year. Does it really mean you should switch to a new mobile phone? If your phone is just a few years old, has a few scratches, and still boasts high battery life. Should you Repair or Replace your phone is actually a big question! Here we have some ideas for you to weigh on.

Do I Really Need a New Phone?

Well, the answer “Obviously go for a new better phone” is not always right. New might not be always better. So if your phone is functioning perfectly well and is aesthetically good. Do not get tempted to be in the race of buying the next big thing for no reason. Especially, if the money is tight and the phone is not older than three years. It is better to get the minor fixes done, go for a new mobile phone case and protector to give it a better look.

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Repair Cost Vs The Price of The New Phone

Well definitely, one of the most obvious questions while making a decision about repair vs replace my phone is the cost. If buying a new phone costs £800 and its repair will just cost £200, then obviously repair is the better option. Similarly, you should also consider the current value of your phone. If the estimated value of your old phone is lesser than the cost of the repair it requires, then it’s better to buy a new phone.

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Time? How Long Can You Live Without Your Phone? 

How can one even think of living without a mobile phone for a longer time? If getting the mobile phone repaired will take many days or even a week. It is better to replace the mobile phone, No? But yes, setting up the new phone and learning how to use it, is also time-consuming. Rethink the fact how much time the screen repair will take and how much time will setting up the new phone and installing all the apps might take.

If your phone fix just makes you wait for 30 minutes, then getting it repaired is the right option both in terms of efficiency and money. Common fixes are pretty cheaper than replacing the device. You can check the prices of mobile phone repairs online at Mobile Store Online and reach a decision about what the ideal solution to your problem is.