Five Common Smartphone Repairs & How to Fix Them



You probably do a Google search to find a smartphone fix in Hitchin, Loughton, London, or Letchworth when your phone stops working. Trying to fix the problem yourself can save you money and time, but some phone repairs aren’t worth it. Although we agree that people should fix their own devices if they can, we have seen a lot of disasters when people try to fix their phones without proper tools and training.

Let’s discuss some of the most common problems & their solutions and whether a DIY fix is the best option or not!


A cracked mobile phone screen is one of the common ways most people damage their phones. Whether it’s a small crack or a completely shattered screen, it needs to be replaced. Yes, you can get a repair kit from anywhere, but actually replacing the screen requires special tools doesn’t commonly found in our homes. If a mobile phone screen repair isn’t done correctly you can easily damage your phone and end up having to completely replace it.

At Mobile Store, we’ve had customers bringing in their smartphones after they attempted a DIY fix and end up paying more to replace the screen. So the easiest way to get your phone cracked screen replaced is to visit us in any of our stores in Hitchin, Loughton or Letchworth, our expert technician will quote you the most affordable prices compared to all other mobile phone repair stores in Hitchin, Loughton and Letchworth. 

To book your screen repair online, visit our website and book at your convenience, 


Over a period of time, the charging port of your phone that allows you to charge might start to fail. This is a common issue due to exposure to lint and dirt. You can carefully clean the debris by gently blowing into the port (with your mouth, NOT with compressed air!) or a charge port cleaning tool to take out any visible dirt. After you clean it out, the port should be able to hold onto your charger more firmly. If that doesn’t solve the problem, bring your phone to The Mobile Store Hitchin, Loughton or Letchworth and we’ll help you fix it. 


If your phone is overheating, it can be either by software or a hardware problem. Try turning off any apps that drain your phone’s battery and remove your phone from its protective case before switching it off. Once your phone is cooled down, try turning it on again and see if it stays cool. If your phone continues to overheat, bring it to The Mobile Store experts who will fix your phone’s overheating issue in no time. 

The battery on most modern smartphones isn’t always easy to replace. Because of this, most people purchase a new phone when they could have purchased a new battery instead.


There are plenty of videos online for tips and tricks out there that you can find on how to replace your dead battery. But most of the time it won’t work. If you give them a try, there’s also a high possibility that you’ll end up damaging your phone if you don’t use the correct tools to open it. This is definitely something you don’t want to DIY. Our experts at The Mobile Store have the training and tools necessary to safely replace your phone’s battery and extend the life of your phone. Book your battery replacement today and get it fixed in no time. 


If you have an iPhone 8 or newer model, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Back glass is a feature Apple added to its newer iPhone models and it’s part of what makes them look so sleek and modern. However, if you’ve cracked the back glass, the repair needs to be done right away before it gets worse. If you attempt to remove the back glass yourself, you’ll end up severely damaging your phone. 

At The Mobile Store, we have a specifically designed machine to remove the damaged back glass and replace it. The entire back glass repair will only take 3 hours! 


One of the biggest reasons not to attempt a DIY repair is the warranty of your phone if you damage it yourself. Do not risk your phone for severe damage, bring it to The Mobile Store for a simple, convenient repair that too with three months warranty. So why take a risk?

The Mobile Store is located in Hitchin, Loughton and Letchworth. We’re open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday-Saturday. You can Walk-in during the store timings and our expert technicians will help you with your device issues ASAP!

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