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Apple AirPods Vs AirPods Pro- Which One Is Better?

Apple AirPods Vs AirPods Pro- Which one is better?

Wireless earbuds are being used by almost everyone. Are you also thinking of buying Apple AirPods for yourself? Are you confused between Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro? Small size, easy design, and operation, along with small charging case has made AirPods everyone’s first choice, in the list of earbuds in the market. But the confusing question is – which apple AirPods should I buy? AirPods or AirPods Pro? The basic AirPods are well-priced and reliable. Whereas Airpods Pro have this new Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature but they cost $249. Here, we are going to tell you the difference between both of them so you can choose better AirPods that not only meet your needs but also don’t blow your budget.

AirPods 2019

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Well, one thing is pretty clear, the main reason to choose these basic Airpods is to save money. The one that has a normal charging case costs about $139. If you want to opt for the wireless charging case, it costs around $169.  Just a suggestion, if you want to get standard AirPods, to save money then its better to go for a charging case. Why pay more for a wireless charging case?

Original iPhone AirPods are mostly liked by people who don’t like those silicone buds in their ears. Original AirPods fit really well in the ear and are very comfortable.

One of the main problems and differences is that the basic AirPods have an open design i.e. you can also hear the ambient sounds. AirPods work well in quiet environments but in noisy environments, the listening deteriorates badly.

AirPods Pro

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Though for many people standard AirPods fit perfectly in the ear, but for many people, it doesn’t fit securely. So for those people, Apple AirPods Pro should be the one.

The other main benefit of getting AirPods Pro is that they sound alot better than the standard ones. They have more bass, which cancels the noise of the surroundings. The standard AirPods, bass frequencies get drowned out in noisy environments. AirPods Pro-noise cancellation feature along with sealed tips is pretty effective in reducing the noise around making everything sound better.

For Calls

For calls, the basic AirPods work well too. Apple has shown a lot of improvement with time in noise reduction especially wind sound. The AirPods Pro has three microphones. One of which is a mic that takes your voice. It has the noise-reduction capabilities and also a vent system which relieves some pressure that can occur because of its noise-isolating and canceling design.