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Repair Or Replace: Which Option Is Better For Your IPhone?

Repair Or Replace: Which Option Is Better For Your iPhone?

If your iPhone’s screen is damaged and you have run out from the warranty period, to be in a panic situation is obvious. You need to decide whether to go for a repair or to invest in a new device. Here are some aspects to consider before you make a final decision.

Repair Cost vs. Replacement Cost

This is the fundamental aspect to think about while making the decision. If the repair cost is affordable than replacing your smartphone then it’s better to repair it. Even if the decision is obvious between the costs of replacement vs. cost of repair, still you need to consider the factor mentioned below.

1. How old is your iPhone?

Smartphones that have spent the life of more than three years are susceptible to software issues. So, you have to be a bit cautious. Also, you must consider how many repairs you have done already. Therefore, it is better to keep your device’s screen protected.

2. Offsetting the cost of a new iPhone

You may be among those people who remain willing for the repairing option. Even less amount of money can take you a long way to offset the cost of a new iPhone. Your nearest repair shop can tell you how many customers contact them for repairing their phones.  So, the repair is a safe bet.

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