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How To Take Good Food Photos With Your Smartphone

How to take good food photos with your smartphone

Sitting at the dinner table, either you or someone on the table will surely be busy taking food photos as soon as it gets served. Taking good food photos to post it on social media is a trend now and a challenging one indeed.

Do you take out your smartphone and try capturing the culinary beauty from different angles? Here we have some tips for you!

No Flash

No matter how dark or dim the light is, never use flash. You can ask your friend to turn on his phone flashlight to make the food clear and visible. If your phone has a night mode option, use that.

Prefer Natural Lighting

If the natural light is good then capture the food using the beauty of natural light. If you can control the shadows and exposure, you can surely capture the texture and beauty of your food in more detail.

Try Portrait Mode

All the new phone’s cameras have portrait mode now. It is basically for capturing people but is also helpful in taking good food shots. The bokeh effect is also good for adding flair to the dish if your dish has some height to it. Lower angles are best if you want to have a blurred background. In portrait mode, distance determines how much an object is in focus.

Food Photography Tips: Introduction

Try Different Angles

The most commonly used angle for food shots is a 40-degrees angle above the dish. People taking these shots are usually sitting in front of the food. Though its a good image but its not the best angle for a shot. Direct overhead shots or lower angle close shots are the best ones. If your dish is full of colours and has many ingredients, it’s better that you opt for an overhead capture. If your dish has height and texture, its better you go for a close or low angle image.

You will also notice this if you look at professional food shots.

Food Photography Tips: Introduction

Turn on Grid setting

Go to your camera settings and turn on the grid. It helps you in getting symmetrical and aligned food shots giving you a proper frame shot. Focusing on the food, you might need to adjust exposure also.

Keep trying new techniques and keep practicing you will surely learn how to get the best shots of your food.