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How To Take A Screenshot On Almost Every Phone!

How To Take A Screenshot On Almost Every Phone!

Confused about how you will take a screenshot on your iPhone, without a Home button? Want to learn new ways of taking a screenshot on your Android phone? You just need to stretch your fingers a little. Here you will get to read how to capture anything that’s coming on your phone screen.

How to take a screenshot on Android

If you have an Android phone. The well-known way to capture your mobile display image is to press the Power and Volume button simultaneously. You will see a flash on the screen and the picture will save in your phone gallery.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung

Image result for samsung phone palm swipe screenshot

You can easily take a screenshot on Samsung Phone by the above-mentioned method. But Samsung has another interesting way too! You can call it the Samsung Karate Chop method. You have to keep your hand perpendicularly on the screen and drag it to one side across the screen.

Note: Just make sure that you turn on the “Palm Swipe to Capture” option in the Settings.

How to take a screenshot on the new iPhone

Image result for iphone screenshot method

If you are confused about how to take a screenshot because your iPhone X or iPhone 11 don’t have a home button. Just press Power and Up Volume button at the same time. You can see your screen flash and hear a shutter sound. Your screenshot is done!

How to take a screenshot on the old iPhone

If you have iPhone 8 or any earlier series of iPhone, it means you have the home button. You can easily capture your phone display by pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

Thinking how to take a screenshot on Motorola

Image result for motorola 3 finger screenshot

If you are a Motorola user, you capture the image of your screen by pressing Power and Volume button together. Another interesting way is the Three Finger method. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, just press your phone display with three fingers simultaneously. The screen image will be captured.

Note: To enable the Three Finger Screenshot method via the Moto app. If you have an old Motorola phone, you will find the option in the settings.