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Broken Your Phone? Mobile Store Online Got Some Really Cool Deals For You!

Broken Your Phone? Mobile Store Online Got Some Really Cool Deals For You!

If you own a mobile phone you must’ve known the pain that comes with a broken phone. Heartbreak, headache, no communication with friends and family, and the sudden urge to check your Facebook/Instagram are a few common things you experience. Whether you have accidentally dropped your mobile phone and smashed the screen or just knocked it off the table and now the volume button isn’t working there is a way out!! Mobile Store got you covered.

Do you know? According to a study, nearly 32,000 mobile phone screens are broke every day in the UK.

There are plenty of options when you are looking for an online mobile store. for mobile repair.  With hundreds of mobile repair shops ready to recover your beloved phone, The Mobile Store is one of the reliable mobile repair shops located in Luton, Hitchin, Letchworth and Loughton. Visit us in-stores or book online and get the best deals on iPhone, Samsung, Huawei repairs.

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Below are the services that the Mobile Store offers to its customers every day.

Mobile Store get your phone fixed fast

Mobile Store offers fast and reliable online phone repairs in Hitchin, Luton. Loughton and Letchworth. If you break your mobile phone or any other device, instead of going out to a repair shop, our experienced repair technicians offer online booking as well.

Same day repair service

In most cases, our technicians will repair your iPhone, Samsung or any other device on the same day. Prices are quoted upfront.

We repair all kind of phones and devices

Unlike some phone repair shops who only work on Apple and Android phones, Mobile Store work on plenty of other brands such as Nokia, One Plus, HTC and Motorola.

We also fix Mac Books, iPads and tablets

We can fix phones, Macbooks, tablets, iPads and more including water damaged devices and those with cracked screens.

Also, check out our weekly deals…

We offer the lowest prices in the UK on Samsung repairs

No one can beat us on Samsung repair prices in the entire UK. We also offer an on-spot diagnosis of your device.  for a broken screen. To book a repair now, head to Mobile Store repair.

Get yourself ready for some amazing repair deals coming soon on Black Friday!