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Major Differences Between IPhone X & IPhone 11

Major Differences Between iPhone X & iPhone 11

Having a newly launched Apple phone is fun, but is it worth to move your face away from iPhone X. Here are the five major differences between iPhone X and iPhone 11 which help you to decide whether to trade in your old model or not.

iPhone 11: Arrives in Six New Fun Colors

This is one of those iPhone models that resemble iPhone 5C. When we talk about iPhone we now have a much wider selection of funky colors to pick from as compared to iPhone X. iPhone X was introduced in two yet simple colors – space grey and silver. However, the new iPhone 11 has come in six different colors: Green, purple, white, black, red and yellow. If you are among those who like to expose their unique personality and taste via phone’s color choice; iPhone 11 is going to provide you more opportunity.

iPhone 11: Camera Provides you some Utmost Upgrades

One of the main anticipated feature updates about the newly unveiled iPhone is its camera. The new iPhone 11 hasn’t disappointed as far as its camera is concerned. Firstly, iPhone 11 comprises of a dual camera. Yes! You will have two camera lenses right on the backside. One camera lens is a 12mp to enable you taking wide-angle photos. However, the second is a grand ultra-wide camera which provides a 120-degree view of the field. The ultra-wide lens gives you an essential virtual backup – much more to surround in the shot. Besides a dual camera, iPhone 11 has come up with all kinds of smart upgrades. The up-gradation includes the capability to identify subjects intelligently and relight them accordingly.

iPhone 11: A fun update regarding video

The newly launched iPhone has some real video functions that are useful. As per live stream, iPhone 11 contains high-quality video concerning any smartphone – you get the best of the best. Also, the “Quick Tale” feature enables you to easily and quickly record short videos without toggle-switching the camera app. You just have to hold down the shutter button and you can make a short video during a photoshoot. The newly introduced iPhone also provides slow-motion footage.

iPhone 11: Battery with Longer Life with Better Speed

If you are a chaser of a mobile charger, the good news is that iPhone 11 has swooped into to make the most of battery life. In comparative terms, the new iPhone’s battery has one hour longer life than iPhone XR. Also, the new iPhone model has the fastest CPU and GPU making it best for running mobile apps.

iPhone 11: Inexpensive than previous Models

iPhone 11 has launched for $699, making it a reasonable amount to trade up as compared to iPhone X’s $999. So, we hope that the comparison between the iPhone X and newly launched iPhone 11 have enticed you with knowledge of latest features as well.