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IPhone 11: Exciting Features We Never Saw Coming

iPhone 11: Exciting Features We Never Saw Coming

Apple is releasing its new iPhone model named iPhone 11. This time iPhone will be launched with three models iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 R, and iPhone 11 Max; in coming September. The new iPhone models will have an A13 chip feature.

Connections: USB Type C

As per some authentic sources about the device, all new iPhone models will still have a Lightning port. This means the speculations that the iPhone will convert into USB-C, has no reality.

Screen Resolution

The new iPhone models are known as D42 which be substituting iPhone XS. Similarly, D42 will be replacing the iPhone XS Max and N104 will take the place of iPhone XR.

D42 and D43 will contain 3x OLED Retina display. However, N104 will still carry the 2x Liquid Retina display in line with the current generation. All three models will have the same screen resolution just like their predecessors. 

Taptic Engine

This year’s iPhone will also have a new kind of Taptic Engine. The engine is called the leap haptics. We are unsure as what type of features the new engine will provide. However, there is a possibility that it will be enriched to improve Haptic Touch since the 3D touch will be absent in new models.

Camera technology

The iPhone 11 front-facing camera will have an added support for slo-mo recording at 120 fps.

The models substituting iPhone XS models will have a trait of three backside cameras. According to the insiders, the new iPhones look similar to the many prototypes which have been circling around. There will be some extra space that will have a camera, capable to capture the wide-angle image.

The wide-angle camera will be enabled with an attribute called Smart Frame. The smart frame will enable a user to perform an auto-perspective function or to adjust the framing.

Apple’s new iPhone models are not expected to launch any time before September. So, we can expect a few more information leaks between now and then.