Mobile Store has skills and expertise to support businesses and help them to grow and prosper in various important ways. We have dedicated sales, purchasing and product management teams which specialise in business solutions.

First of all we provide businesses within our sector with wholesale supplies of mobiles, gadgets, parts and accessories and can devise innovative packages to suit individual business needs which bring together a range of products and services.

Secondly, we offer wide-ranging marketing support through our knowledge of e-marketing, promotional campaigns, print and design, digital marketing and the appropriate use of social media to grow businesses.

In addition to this we support businesses by creating e-commerce and business websites. We have an in-house web design team and can create advanced website catalogue solutions for other retailers and businesses. We are also have specialist skills in developing mobile apps for businesses; and we can, in addition, provide businesses with specific software.

Not least, we can strengthen client businesses with the provision of financial consultation and have particular expertise in business acquisition, setting up franchises and preparing reports and business plans.

One common theme in this range of B2B activities is to help our clients to maintain and grow their existing customer base, also to attract new customers and find new market opportunities. Another theme is creativity. We look for innovative and dynamic ways of addressing business needs and developing markets.


The Mobile Store Ltd believes in acquiring companies to build more strengths in our business and acquire expertise in new areas.
This helps us to evaluate better performing processes, personnel and services.

We deal with following models of aquisitions :

1. Single business acquisitions and split and sell
A single acquisition refers to one company buying the assets and operations of another company and absorbing what is needed while simply discarding duplicated or unnecessary pieces of the acquired business. “Split and sell” acquisitions involve buying an entire business in order to gain one or two pieces of the business. The acquiring business may wish to retain the customer list and a product line, while moving manufacturing and other production related duties to an existing line.

2. Affiliate acquisitions
Affiliate acquisition refers to use of affiliate to sell and market our products in the market.


The Mobile Store continuosly looks to improve the quality of our processes, products and services by embeding better business plans.

We involve ourselves in :
• Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings with clients/customers
• Planning and preparing presentations
• Communicating new product developments to prospective clients
• Overseeing the development of marketing literature
• Writing reports
• Providing management with feedback

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