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Truth About Your Phone’s Battery Life And Charging

Truth About Your Phone’s Battery Life And Charging

A Smartphone battery life anxiety is pretty real. While buying a new phone, good battery life is almost everybody’s requirement. At least an all-day charge phone is critical to every customer along with its speed, camera quality, and screen size. Here we have got some answers to the questions you have regarding your phone charge.

Fast Charger won’t affect the battery life

Fast Charger

A typical charger has an output of about 5-10 watts. The fast charger improves it up to 8 times. Like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus comes with a 25-watt fast charger whereas iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max is with an 18-watt fast charger.

Be sure, the fast charger won’t damage your phone battery.  The phone developers have made the starting 70/80% of phone charging very fast whereas the last 30/20 minutes are slow so that fast charging doesn’t damage your mobile battery.

Mobile Phones Don’t Overcharge

Move on with the fear of what if I overcharge my phone!

According to experts, phones don’t overcharge. The battery management system automatically stops the electrical charge when the battery reaches 100%. Until and unless there is a technical flaw in the battery circuitry, your new smartphone would never overcharge.

Don’t Let Your battery Reach Zero

Do not let your phone battery drain to zero. Letting it go down till zero can cause chemical reactions which will reduce the battery life. That is why also power-saving modes have been added to smartphones.

Make sure you do plug in your phone when the charge reaches 30%.

Keep Mobile away from High Temperatures

Heat is a big enemy of a mobile’s battery life. High temperatures reduce battery life with time. Keep your phone away from sunlight, windows, and car dashboard. Please note, that an overheated battery can also explode. So make sure you don’t let your phone get heated.

How Long Does a Cell Phone Battery Charge Last

Different Charger won’t harm the Phone

Until and unless you are using a damaged charger or cable, using a different charger/cable won’t harm or affect your mobile battery.

Not to forget, to take good advantage of the fast charger, you should use its actual charger.