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Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera

Turn your Old Phone into a Security Camera

Do you have any old Android phone lying around in the house, collecting dust? If it is still working, you can put them to good use. You can either turn into a baby monitor or as a home security camera.

Your phone already has the essential components of an actual security camera i.e. a camera and the internet.

1st Step: Install a Security Camera App

The first step is to choose and download a good security camera app from the Play Store on both of your phones. The old phone will be used as a camera and the new phone will be used for viewing.

There are many security camera apps that offer features like motion detection alert, cloud streaming, local streaming, recording, and storing the footage. Once you set it up, you will be able to control the camera from anywhere and monitor your house.

2nd Step: Choose the Spot for Placing your Camera

Once you have the apps running, now you need to find a good spot for putting your phone security camera. A place that focuses maybe at your home main entry point or the backyard or whichever place you feel is important to monitor.

3rd Step: Mount your Camera Phone 

To put your mobile phone at a place for a good view, you can use a tripod or a suction car cup. It will help you in keeping your new security camera in the perfect position. You can also buy a wide-angle lens for your phone for a wider view.

Note: Since 24/7 video streaming will drain the battery quickly. Make sure that your mobile phone is near a power source.

There is nothing to lose if you try this trick. In fact, it is a good way to put your old phones into use and make your home secure.