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Keep Your Phone Clean Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Keep Your Phone Clean Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of coronavirus, everyone is fearing COVID-19, a respiratory disease. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this Coronavirus outbreak as Pandemic with over 120,000 tested positive around the world. The virus survives on some surfaces for two-three days and that surface can be your mobile phone also. The device that we keep the closest to us and use it after every minute or so.

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The easiest solution to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently. But, what about keeping your phone clean that might have the bacteria, virus or germ on it. You should disinfect your device. But avoid getting moisture inside it. Don’t spray it with compressed air or don’t dunk it into a cleaning solution. Just don’t think of cleaning your phone with a kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, makeup remover, hand soap or vinegar. It will damage your phone. And Yes! your phone shouldn’t be on charge when you clean it.

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Use Wipes- Don’t Use Pure Alcohol

If you have been out in public and touched your phone during it. You should actually disinfect it immediately. Don’t go for the idea of cleaning it with pure alcohol as it can strip the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings off your phone. These coatings keep your phone safe from oil and water damage.

The safest way is to use wipes that have 70% of isopropyl alcohol. Apple says that you can use Clorox Wipes and others that have similar concentrations of alcohol. At&T guidelines suggest to spray 70% alcohol-based or non-abrasive solution to a soft cloth and clean your device with it. Do not spray the device directly.

Another option is to invest in UV light. The UV light company claims that it kills 99.99% germs of the phone. Samsung is also offering free UV light phone sanitizing services in few countries. They plan to expand it in many countries within a few weeks.