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How To Fix A Broken Phone That Won’t Turn On

How To Fix A Broken Phone That Won’t Turn On

Is your Phone Broken? Is it not turning on? There are many things you can do to fix it. The solution might be simple as rebooting your broken phone or serious as replacement of the battery.

Before running to the shop, try fixing your phone at home by following these steps.

Charge Your phone for 15+ Minutes

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If your phone doesn’t turn on, try to charge it for 15+ minutes. Maybe the phone battery is dead and it needs some battery juice to turn on. If this doesn’t work, try a different charging port too. Maybe the real issue is a faulty charger.

Remove The Battery (if possible)

If the battery is removable, try ‘Hard Reset‘ or ‘Power Cycle‘ which actually means just remove the battery of your broken phone.

In iPhones and new Android devices, you can’t remove the battery, so just press the power button for 10 seconds. Let the phone stay off for a minute and then turn it on.

Try ‘Factory Reset’ on Android Devices

Sometimes the phone just freezes or shows some error signal. Android lets you factory reset the broken phone with a trick.

Just press the power button for 10 seconds, so that the mobile gets off. Now you need to stretch your fingers a little depending on which phone do you have. If you have the Samsung Galaxy S6, press Power+Home+Volume Up button simultaneously.

You can google search, the factory reset methods because every phone has a different method.

Force Reboot on iPhone

If your iPhone shows a black screen, first and foremost reboot it by holding the power and home button for 10-15 seconds. It’s the easiest way to determine if your broken phone issue is serious.

STOP! Don’t Overcharge your Phone

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Another reason for a broken phone is that maybe you overcharge your phone. Don’t just constantly start charging your phone when it reaches 30% every time. Let your phone battery get low before you charge it. It will help your phone last longer.


  • You need to get your phone battery replaced by us.
  • The phone might be defective.
  • Check or change the charger
  • Maybe the phone is broke because of liquid damage.

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