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Google Maps Features You Didn’t Know About

Google Maps Features You Didn’t Know About

Whenever you are on road, Google Maps eventually becomes a friend. The app is constantly showing improvement and is getting better every day. You can save addresses, get directions for your favourite spot along with information on what you can eat and where you can stay. Here we will give you a list of features so that you can make the most out of this friendly Google Map.

See What the Place Really Looks Like

google maps

Never book a hotel just after seeing its pictures on the website. Google Maps gives you a street view of the area making sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself.

1. Open Google Maps, Search the location/hotel you plan to book.
2. At the bottom left corner, there will be a small box that has a picture of the building. Tap to see, the street view of the building and the surroundings.

Tip: Zoom it in/out to get a better view and swipe your finger to see the area around.

Plan Your Route

With Google Maps, select your route to the destination along with the places you want to stop at, in the way.

1. Open Google Maps, enter your first destination for example gas station.
2. Press Directions.
3. Press the three-dotted menu in the right corner.
4. Press Add Stop.

Using this option you can add as many stops as you want and get a better estimation of the time at which you will reach your destination.

Don’t Know Where to Park the Car

It also helps in spotting a parking area. You just need to

1. Open Google Maps and enter your location.
2. Press Directions.
3. You will see a P (for parking), Click on it. If P is red means there is no parking. Blue P means you can easily find parking.

See Live View of the place You Are Moving Around

1. Open Google Maps, and enter the destination.
2. Press Go and tap the Walking icon.
3. At the bottom, there is a Live View button. Move your camera lens to the buildings and streets and Google Maps will guide you through arrows.


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