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Lost Your Android Phone? Here’s What You Can Do!

Lost Your Android Phone? Here’s What You Can Do!

Lost your android phone? we know the feeling. Losing your phone is stressful because it is one’s most personal device. If your phone gets lost or stolen, don’t panic! Android phones have built-in tools that are helpful in locking and tracking your smartphone. You just need to follow some steps to make sure your phone and data are safe even if it is not in your own hands.

Secure Lock Screen

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Never go for facial recognition screen locks because most Android phones open even on your face picture. Always set up a fingerprint authentication along with a passcode. You can find it in the SettingsSecurity. Entering the pin code or authenticating fingerprint might be a little inconvenient but nothing is worse than the idea of a stranger having easy access to all of your data.

Find My Device by Google

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If you sign in your Android phone with a Gmail account, Find My Device option gets on automatically. This feature helps you to track your phone, remotely lock or erase your data. You will find this option in settings go to Security & Location then Find My Device or just directly go to Google then Security and Find My Device. Make sure that you always keep Find My Device option On.

For tracking down your phone, go to the website Sign in with the same Google account that you used on your Android phone. If you don’t have a computer nearby then using another Android device download Find My Device app from play store. Sign in and Google will start tracking your phone. A notification alert will be sent on the phone telling the person that the phone is being tracked. Using the menu on the left side of the Find My Device webpage, you can remotely play a sound of your phone/erase the data from the device or lock it down.

Find My Mobile by Samsung

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Samsung phones have their own Find My Device option too. You just need to have a Samsung account. It will store your data and also track down your lost Android phone. For turning on this helpful feature go to Settings  Biometrics & Security  Find My Mobile.
For using Samsung service, you need to open Sign in with the same Samsung account you had on your phone. Then on the left side, click on your lost device. It will display a map showing your phone location. Options available on the right will let you lock the phone and prevent it from being powered off.