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6 Ways To Repair Your Galaxy S10 If Not Functioning Appropriately

6 Ways To Repair Your Galaxy S10 If Not Functioning Appropriately

As a common rule, your Galaxy S10 should work more often than not, charging up to 100% when you put it on a remote charger or fitting it into a USB-C charging cable. However, it’s normal to listen regarding Galaxy owners experiencing difficulty getting their smartphones to charge appropriately.

At the point when you’re troubleshooting a technological issue with plenty of potential problems, the issue might not be a phone but the charger. If your phone is unable to charge and your battery level is dropping sharply, here are a few different ways to bring it back to life and find out what the issue is.

Use a fresh cable from a wall adapter to charge your Galaxy S10

To start with, check the cable for evident damage. If there’s any chance the cable is broken, use a different one. Also, try a different source of power. It’s expedient to charge your phone utilizing a USB port on your PC. However, there are a ton of potential issues here – the USB port may have blown, or it probably won’t have the option to convey enough power to charge the phone. Instead, plug your phone straightforwardly into the wall utilizing an AC adapter to wipe out all the potential issues. If the outlet is “switched,” make sure to turn it on so electricity streams to the S10.

First, turn off then charge

In case your phone doesn’t appear to be charging normally, one reason may be a misbehaving application or other software problem that is preventing the charger from working. Close down your phone totally and attempt to charge it with a switched off the phone.

S10 Repair

Clean the charging port

If your phone still is not charging at all utilizing a charging cable, the USB port may be blocked. Assess it for debris jamming the port, and if you see anything, clean it immediately.

Dry it completely if it’s moistened or wet

Your Galaxy S10 is highly water safe. However, it’s yet possible that enough water creeps in the charging port, it won’t prevent your phone to charge. More often than not, if this happens you should see an on-screen notification that moisture has been detected. Let the Galaxy S10 dry entirely – give it 24 to 48 hours.

S10 Repair

Try to charge wirelessly

If you get a remote charging pad, place your Samsung Galaxy S10 on the pad and check whether the battery is charging this way. If it does, you’ve extensively narrowed down the issue – you realize that the battery can take a charge, and the issue has something to do with the cable, USB port, or wired power source. If the wireless charger functions, let it charge fully (recall that the Galaxy S10 charges slower when utilizing a remote connection). Now try to charge it with the USB cable again to check whether reviving the battery has fixed the issue.

Go for the factory reset

If you have exhausted every step and nothing works, you may need to try one final fix yourself. Perform a reset and afterwards try to charge the smartphone after it has been reset to industrial factory conditions. It is highly improbable to resolve the issue, particularly if you attempted to charge it while switched off.  Still, you are facing the same issue…

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