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How To Fix Your Water Damaged IPhone?

How To Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone?

Are you in a panic because your iPhone is slipped into the water? The incident might be a nightmare for you, but wait… If you think smartly you can take yourself out of trouble. Future millennial might get water-resistant iPhones but currently, no iPhone is water-proof. If your moist apple device won’t turn on, then keep reading to fix your water damaged iPhone:

1. Don’t switch on the iPhone

If your iPhone gets wet, don’t panic or try to switch on manually. It the inner device got wet, it may cause more damage to your iPhone. To begin with, keep it ideal and do not try to turn on.

2. Don’t Try to Blow Dry iPhone

Instantly blow-dry the Apple phone might be damaging. Hot air Blown to the phone may heat up your device which can be destructive towards hardware and screen of your iPhone.

3. Uninstall the SIM

After being assured that your phone is turned off, secure your SIM card as water could damage it. Take help of SIM card removal clip or any paperclip which you must have with your phone to detach the SIM card.

4. Mop the iPhone’s Exterior

Take the aid of cotton cloth or tissue papers and sponge the iPhone’s exterior. If you have a case with your device, then get it removed. Be tactful to not apply extra pressure while cleaning the phone for minimizing the liquid damage. Gentle movement while keeping the device unmoved and use your hands instead of the phone to wipe its exterior.

5. Choose Dry place to keep the iPhone

To resolve the issue of iPhone slipped in the water, ensure that you keep it in a dry area. It will help to avert damage the device’s exterior. The dry or warm place will evaporate wet content present inside the phone. You can keep it at window-nearby place but ensure it does not get the too much sunshine directly. Keep it where the phone gets constant heat.

6. Use silica gel packets to dry iPhone

Even after cleaning, some water might still be there. One of the secured solutions for drying wet iPhone is to use silica gel packet. The gel packets suck moisture in an effective manner through minimum contact with the device. Users get extra silica gel while purchasing electronic stuff. You can purchase them readily from any store. Place the packets in and outside the phone to absorb water content from inside the iPhone.

7. Uncooked Rice is also an Option

Place your iPhone in a bag or bowl of rice in a manner that it gets immersed. Leave the phone in rice for a day at least as water would absorb the wetness completely.

8. Use Hair Dryer with Cool Wind setting

Even after the abovementioned exercises, your phone remains off for 48 hours, use the hairdryer to walk an extra mile. Switch on wind setting and use a low power mode. Now gently blow over your device. If your phone gets heated up, turn off the dryer immediately.

9. Dismantle your iPhone

Uncovering is another option to dry off your iPhone. You can either ask tech gurus or you can do it yourself. Be cautious and dry off the interiors for a few hours and then immediately assemble them back and try to switch on.

 10. Visit Mobile Store Online

In case of failure in all the above scenarios, visiting at any of our stores is the last resort. We take 45 minutes to repair your water damaged iPhone. You can also book a repair online or simply visit us at any of our stores.