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4 Ways To Use Your Old Phone Work Like A New One

4 Ways To Use Your Old Phone Work Like A New One

You may be in love with your old phone. However, due to some issues, you revert to the solution by
getting your cell phone replaced with a new one. The reason for this compulsion may be low storage,
exhausted battery or something else.

To make your love intact, here are few tips which can help you to use your old phone work like a new

1- Keep Updating the Software

Do not forget to use the latest software. Updates are issued typically to fox the security issues, quash software bugs and enhance the overall performance. We hear complaints about the older phones, slowing down due to the latest software. However, it is a trade-off to ensure you have got entire features offered by Apple or Google.

But if you still face software issues, bring your phone to us.

2- Keep the Phone’s Space Free

Another reason to buy a new phone is that folks run out of space. Here are some steps to free up space. Videos and images can hog a ton. Therefore, consider using Apple Photos or Google Photos. These functions provide back up to your videos and pictures to the cloud. Also, they allow freeing up humongous space on the phone. Apple Photos remain free until one uses up to 5GB of the cloud storage. After 5GB, Apple offer plans that start from 99 cents each month for the storage up to 50GB. Another way of freeing up space is to delete apps which you do not use.

Did you know? we also provide data recovery service to our valuable customers.

3- Battery Replacement Expense

Apple offers a program for battery replacement which can aid to keep your older phones run longer. However, if your iPhone has still got cover for Apple care, Apple will replace your battery for free. Also, you can check out mobile stores online’s battery replacement offer here.

To get the best and affordable battery replacement service, contact us now!

4- Protect Your Device

Getting the phone damaged is another reason to purchase a new phone. Usually, the screen gets cracked. You can avoid this problem by using the screen protector. If you accept yourself a person who is prone to damage phone, then Samsung is helpful for you. Samsung helps provides premium care plans. Also, Apple Care+ offers plans for accidental damage.

You can always benefit from our screen repair service, which is the best service provider all over the UK.