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What To Expect From Samsung Galaxy S11?

What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy S11?

Finally, some leaks and rumours have started to spill out in the market about Samsung. Yes! New Samsung is more likely to launch its new volume, Galaxy S11. However, this cannot be expected anytime sooner than the upcoming spring. So, what to expect from the latest Samsung’s flagship S series?

Unprecedented Pixels

For the first time, a smartphone will have an image sensor with 100 million pixels. This means that the measurement of the image will be approx. 12,000 by 9,000 pixels. Now, this is something really exciting for Samsung lovers!

According to unverified news, there will be some features that we expected but did not see in Galaxy S10. Besides, there will be some attributes of Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy A80, that worked well and would be part of the new Galaxy model.

Expected Release Date and Price

We remember that Samsung Galaxy S10 was released in late February this year, alongside Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus. There is a trend that Samsung launches its new models in early spring. Therefore we foresee to see Samsung Galaxy S11 be released by the first quarter of the year 2020.

The cost of Galaxy S10 was expected to be $899 and it turned out to be $1,149 when it was launched. So, we could expect to see a marginal increase in the price of the Galaxy S11 as compared to S10. To be precise, the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S11 could be around $1,000 for better-presumed memory.


The Galaxy S11 might be one of a kind phone to have a 5nm chipset, which could see it outperforming other smartphones.  

What We Desperately Want?

We surely want to see 5G enabled Samsung Galaxy S11. This is since 5G will be available in many countries by the time the phone launch.

What’s the Catch?

There is much more noise we are hearing. Also, there is a lot of time between now and the announced launch date. However, abovementioned facts are mouthwatering, to say the least.