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10 Amazing IPhone Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

10 Amazing iPhone Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

Smartphones have become such an essential part of our lives. Technology is
growing rapidly making our lives easier. With the latest updates every day we might
miss out some interesting advances. And who wouldn’t want to know some quick and amazing iPhone hacks?

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These are 10 amazing iPhone hacks that experienced iPhone users might not know

1. Charge your iPhone Quicker

Put on the Flight mode while charging your device. It will speed up the process. To
turn on the flight mode, Swipe up and click on the plane icon. This is the best and simple hack indeed and can be applied to any iPhone.

2. Change the 6 digit lock code to 4 digit

Anyone using iOS9 update knows that now iPhone needs a six-digit code. You can
change it back to 4 digits. Go to your iPhone settings touch ID Passcode- Change Passcode.
Type in your six digit passcode, it will say change the passcode and will give you six
digits space again. Below is the Passcode Options, choose the four-digit code

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3. Emergency Contacts On the Lock Screen

Open Health tap Medical ID- Edit and enter your Emergency contacts and health
information. Turn on Show When Locked to make sure your Medical emergency
Information gets displayed on the Lock screen.

4. Improve Battery Life

You can improve battery life by turning off the SpotLight. Go to Settings-
General -Spotlight Search and limit the data running in the background.

5. Delete with a shake

If you shake your phone, anything that you are writing in your notes will get

6. Want to take a photo while filming the video

This is one of few amazing iPhone hacks! In the left-hand corner, tap the white button to take photos during the video.

7. Select time for sending your message

Write a message and swipe left. You can choose what time you want to send the

8. Recover Deleted images

Now you can get your deleted images up to 30 days back. The deleted images folder is
at the bottom of your photo albums.

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9. Do not Disturb

Do Not Disturb mode will make your iPhone silent when you are busy or sleeping.
Go to Settings -Do Not Disturb.

10. Tired of iOS11 crashes

If you are still dealing with iOS11 crashes, go into time and date settings and
change it to any time before 2nd December for example 27 November.

11. Set timer for your Music

You can select a time to stop your music. Click on Timer- Below where it gives a length of time choose When Timer Ends. Scroll to the bottom and you will see Stop Playing. Selecting it means that the music will stop after the time you chose.