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Android Or IPhone: Which One Is The Better Smart Phone?

Android or iPhone: Which One Is The Better Smart Phone?

From the neck-to-neck two-horse race between Android and iPhone, it seems very difficult to determine which one is better than others. Let’s have a closer look at their features and try to evaluate which one is ahead in this race and right for you.


If we talk about the iPhone, it has an exceptionally tight grip over how the hardware and software function together. On the contrary, Google offers the Android software to many other smartphone brands such as Nokia, Samsung, One Plus, HTC, and the list goes on. Because of this particular reason, Android phones come in a variety of sizes, qualities, and rates.  iPhone may give you limited options to choose but the quality they provide is quite exceptional. Some may prefer the wide range of Android offers, and some might go with the iPhone’s quality. It would be fair to call it a tie between them under this category.

Apps: Selection vs. Control

Google play store offers far many apps than Apple and the reason behind that Apple is very strict when it comes to allowing apps. Whereas Android is very less strict when it comes to allowing applications. But Apple by allowing lesser apps, helps its user to stay away from inadequate apps which Android fails to do so. And also some key apps make their debut on iOS with Android Version coming later. iPhone is the winner in this category.

Battery timing:

Battery situation is comparatively far more complicated in Android phones due to the large variety of hardware options. Some Android models have 7 or even 8-inch Screens and some other features won’t let your battery last much longer. While iPhone’s battery is much more reliable and long-lasting. iPhone is clearly ahead in Battery timing.


If we talk about storage and battery timings, iPhones consist of limited storage which can’t be upgraded either. On the other hand, Android allows you to expand the storage capacity which lets you freely download apps and videos, and gives a clear edge under this category.


If you want to keep your smartphone secure, then without any second thought iPhone is the only choice you have. Even Google’s Android team admits that “ we can’t give surety that Android is designed to be safe.” This pretty much says it all. Although this doesn’t mean that the iPhone is immune to malware and viruses. It’s just less likely to be targeted than Android phones.