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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Apple Lovers

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Apple Lovers

Forget chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s day! Coz we believe that nothing says ‘I love you’ in style like gifting a new tech piece.  Your special someone will be glad for sure if your Valentine gift is not just another cliche’. And To save you the trouble of doing all that deep research yourself, we at the Mobile Store has found this timely selection of Apple gift ideas that will tell your Apple lover how special they are.

1. Chargers, Adaptors, and Cables

We know that giving someone a cable feels like gifting them socks, but Apple’s minimalist design on USB-C and Lightning ports means that many users would love to have extra cables or adapters. Plus, giving a second Mac, iPhone or an Apple Watch charger could reduce your Valentine’s battery anxiety. You can buy a variety of chargers here.

2. AirPods

Apple’s one of the most surprising hit was the AirPods. These wireless earbuds that pair quickly to all Apple devices can be a lifesaver. They are light, stay in there well, and are comfortable. They’re not cheap, but they’re still less expensive than many other wireless earphones. Shop for the best AirPods for Valentine’s Day here. 

3. Apple Watch

Apple watch makes a great add-on for any iPhone user who doesn’t have their iPhone in hand. And, if your special someone has already got an Apple Watch, a new band might make a great present. Apple offers a variety of comfortable and attractive bands.

4. Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV still makes a good Valentine present for someone special who loves watching TV shows and movies from iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu.

5. iPad

Last, but not the least, if your Valentine has never tried their hands on an iPad or is limping along with one of the old models, the current fifth-generation iPad has got a gorgeous screen and a good performance with a compellingly low price. Check out our range of iPads.

What are you going to gift your special someone this Valentine?