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IPhone Accessories That Can Save You Hundreds Of Pounds

iPhone Accessories That Can Save You Hundreds Of Pounds

iPhone is an expensive gadget that can become even more expensive if you have to pay to repair it. One accidental drop is enough to crack the display, and you may end up with screen cracks so terrible that they’ll mess with your iPhone’s functionality. We at the mobile store has drawn up a list of 3 must-have iPhone accessories that can actually save your hard earned money.

1. The right phone case

Although we believe that no accessory can keep iPhone perfectly safe but a right case can keep it safe from everyday dings. There are several fancy iPhone cases in the market but the covert clear case mostly lasts longer than the most. This amazing clear case offers maximum protection to your phone. But just in case you accidentally broke your iPhone, no worries, we are here to help you repair your phone, starting from 10 pounds.


2. A perfect glass screen protector

If you’ve ever had to pay to get your iPhone screen replaced, you know it costs a lot more than a glass screen protector. Nothing can save your iPhone if it’s slammed hard on the floor but a tempered glass protector. And the best thing about a good screen protector is that you’ll also get that much needed natural glass feel to the device. You can find a variety of glass protectors for your iPhone here.

3. Battery

What is the most critical technology for an iPhone? It’s not the screen size or the storage space but it’s the battery. Once the juice is gone, you’re only left with a pretty paperweight. It’s frustrating when you’re struggling to make your iPhone’s battery last in between a very important day at work. Luckily, we have this covered for you. If you happen to have a problem with your iPhone battery, contact us for assistance.

Let us know what you guys think of these must-have iPhone accessories…