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Got A New Smartphone? Here Are 6 Tips To Take Good Care Of It

Got A New Smartphone? Here Are 6 Tips To Take Good Care Of It

Planning to get a new smartphone, or recently got one? We won’t get into the step by step details about how to take care of your smartphone or advise you to download useful apps. Rather, we will point out some basic tips you should think about when protecting your smartphone. Check out these few guidelines for newbies and pros alike.

Here are the 6 tips that can help you …

1. Get a screen protector and a hard case


Coz no one likes an ugly scratch right in the middle of a new phone.

2. Frequent charging

Experts suggest keeping your phone charged between 40% and 80%. Frequent top-ups instead of daily charging help keep the phone battery long lasting.

3. Updating the OS

Keep your device updated to the latest version of OS. Because it comes with bug fixes for better performance and also enhances the security.

4. Avoid unnecessary apps

You don’t really need to load your phone with thousands of free apps. Keeping apps that you never use consume memory of your device, which can slow down your smartphone.

5. Keep your smartphone cool

Do not leave your phone in the car on a sunny day. Using it in a daytime requires maximum brightness which heats up the phone. For voice calls, use earphones.

6. Protecting your smartphone from viruses

A virus can ruin everything in your phone from stealing data to corrupting it, So, to prevent your phone taking over by an infected or a harmful app, get a reliable anti-virus software installed.