Our Vision




The Mobile Store is much more than the sum of its parts. It is a business working at the heart of the mobile sector with the skills, products and services not only to support a growing base of satisfied customers but also providing great value to many other businesses.



As a result of the hard work and determination, the business has grown steadily and is set on an ambitious course for further growth.



Today’s team includes a financial director, sales director, hardware and software engineers, website designers, e-commerce specialists, digital and social media marketing experts, sales personnel who are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated, and others with a range of skills and talents. All our people are joined by the vision of providing existing and new customers, clients and partners with a quality of service and support they will not find in any other part of the busy mobile phone, parts and accessories sector.




  • apple iphone 6
    Apple iPhone 6
  • apple iphone 5s
    Apple iPhone 5S
  • apple iphone 4
    Apple iPhone 4
  • apple iphone 5
    Apple iPhone 5
  • samsung galaxy s3
    Samsung Galaxy S3
  • samsung galaxy s5
    Samsung Galaxy S5
  • samsung galaxy s4 1
    Samsung Galaxy S4
  • samsung galaxy Ace
    Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • nokia 105
    Nokia 105