Dedicate to Customer Service

The success of Mobile Store has resulted from the quality of service that we have provided – and continue to provide – to our customers. Whenever a customer comes into any of our retail outlets our sales assistants are immediately welcoming and keen to help. Our growing base of repeat customers know how hard we work to find the right parts and accessories for them and to provide speedy and effective repairs for their mobiles, smart gadgets and computers. Occasionally we have gone well out of our way to find special mobile parts for a customer – even making numerous calls to manufacturers in China – with the result that our customers have become as committed to us as we are to them. In this way we all benefit and we have customers who will tell others about what we do and how we do it.


Although we cannot add the same degree of personality to the way we operate in our online sales and services, we remain highly committed to ensuring our online customers all over the UK are served well and satisfied. We try hard to make our websites clear and easy to use and we are thoroughly dedicated to providing a fast, effective and highly competitive service.


Over the years we have won a number of local and regional awards for our customer services. We are proud of this achievement and of the individuals among our staff who have made them possible.



Knowledge of the market


We know and thoroughly understand the mobile market and we are proud to have developed long and successful relationships with mobile networks and mobile retailers.

The net result of this has been our success at securing repeat business – in fact, we have the best repeat business in the areas of all our branch locations. 


Our close relationships with suppliers, customers and retailers give us particular insight into new trends and potential market and growth opportunities which can benefit all our clients. 


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