Corporate Responsiblity

Part of our vision at Mobile Store is become recognised as a leader in our sector for responsible business conduct and for setting and pursuing high standards. This includes the creation of a safe working environment for our staff, customers and business partners.

We are also committed to being an industry leader in using innovative and appropriate packaging, which enables us to minimise the environmental impact of our business practices. We have reduced package sizes and use environmentally friendly materials and inks wherever and whenever possible. 

For our customers, it is vital that the products we handle are safe to use. We are proud to have achieved registration of the ISO 9001:2008 quality system and we ensure that our products meet the strict and rigorous quality, safety and environmental requirements necessary to maintain this certification, and to fulfil all other statutory and regulatory requirements that apply.

Our ethos of corporate responsibility goes beyond our own staff and premises. Mobile Store strives to build and maintain close links with customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain. We expect all our associates to comply with international standards of business practice and to adhere to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities. Our suppliers are required to sign up to our quality, safety and environmental commitments and we monitor to ensure that they comply.

Our approach to safety covers the risks associated with warehouse operation, daily office work, and working at our customers' offices. Our aim is to maintain a consistent level of good health and safety training and procedures to ensure the safety of our own employees.

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