Brand Ambassadors

The Mobile Store has always set its sights high. We look for high standards in everything that we do – for our customers, for our employees and for the future. In the same way, we have developed a special relationship with two world-class international cricket players, establishing them as ambassadors for Mobile Stores products and services.




Saeed Ajmal


The first is Saaed Ajmel, a modern-day offspinner and key Worcestershire player, who made a relatively late entry into international cricket and is today regarded as being one of the best spinners in the game. Although he didn’t start in test cricket, playing for Pakistan, until he was 30, he has made up for lost time. In his debut test match he took five wickets for Pakistan against Sri Lanka at Galle in 2009. 







J. K. Lever

The second is John Kenneth Lever, better known as ‘JK’ who played for England, Essex and Natal. Now aged 65, JK is still very much involved in cricket, and continues to
support the game at county level. JK is particularly remembered for his brilliant maiden Test, in which he took 7 for 46 and 3 for 24 for England against India at Delhi in 1976-77. JK continued with Essex as a county cricketer to the end of a long career and then moved into school cricket and assisting with counties.





According to Moghees Ahmed, chief executive of Mobile Store Ltd,

We are very proud to be involved with this great game and particularly to have such eminent players as Saeed Ajmel and JK Lever representing us as ambassadors. I think ambassadors of this calibre demonstrate our commitment, at the Mobile Store, to quality and high standards. What better than role models like Saaed and JK? We are delighted also to be sponsors of the International Cricketers Association.” 



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